A little about myself…

Chris Wirth is an accomplished up and coming 20-something photographer whose work has appeared in publications ranging from popular books and magazines to peer-reviewed scientific articles.

In addition to this site he blogs about tiger beetles over on his side project, the blog Cicindela

  1. Henry W. Robison said:

    Hi Chris:

    I just found your website from Ted McRae’s blog. Your photos are awesome and I have enjoyed reading your new blog. Good luck with this new enterprise!

  2. Melody said:

    Hi Chris. I just found your blog am thrilled to see such excellent photography. As far as I’m concerned, nothing thrills like a good bug picture. I got a 5D Mark ii a couple months ago, so spring insects can’t come soon enough for me.

  3. Hi Chris, I was just looking through Nature Blog Network blogs and found yours. Fantastic! Your photos are amazing! Great butterfly scales and beetles. I do some macro photography and am now very inspired by your work to take it up a notch. Really neat blog.

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