Art Evans, a good friend and author of numerous books and articles on insects and their kin, now has a blog, What’s Bugging You?

Just a small sample of his superb writing:

“As I bent down to inspect the corpse a panicked wave of blow flies buzzed up past my face. Their tiny wings churned the air to propel their brassy green bodies out of harm’s way.” (Link)

(h/t myrmecos & Art Evans)

While my blog posts have been a bit sparse due to school, Bug Girl has been busy combating a recent spate of shoddy reporting on Cochineal, its safety, and  use in food and other products, such as makeup. Here is a link to her post on the subject. Very interesting stuff!

Nature’s Best Photography has just re-launched their student publication – formerly Nature’s Best Photography for Kids. It is now online as Nature’s Best Photography Students.  As before, it is headed by the talented – and award winning – Gabby Salazar. And now they also have a blog in addition to their site.

This magazine and blog is a great source of tips, tricks, etc for the young/new photographer – check it out!