what big teeth you have!

This very “toothy” fellow is a Magnolia Green Jumper – Lyssomanes viridis. This handsome individual is a male – as evidenced by the considerably lengthened chelicerae and enlarged pedipalps.


Just for comparison, here is a female – notice the difference in the size of the chelicerae


This species is fairly common here in central Virginia; I often find females prowling on the undersides of leaves, presumably in search of prey.  Males seem to be far harder to find – it seems like I’ve found 3-4 females on average for every male. But that could just be me…

  1. Those are really spectacular photographs! Technique?

  2. Thanks – I’ve actually got an explanatory post in the works

  3. I’ll second Ted’s comment.

    I am not familiar with the size of this spider. Did you use the Canon’s MP-E 1-5x ?

    • body length is about 1-1.5cm – I did use the Canon 1-5x lens; I’ve got more details in my latest post

  4. Maria said:

    I love these! I just have a point and shoot camera but getting a clear close-up of a jumping spider’s face has compelled me to get a dSLR. I’ve only photographed the jumpers that try to get into my house. I’ll have to start checking for them under leaves now. :-)

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