Antheraea polyphemus

otherwise known as the Polyphemus Moth. These stunning insects are named for the cyclops Polyphemus from Homer’s Odyssey for the startling eyespots on their hindwings.

polyphemus moth blog

This was my second time experimenting with my Epson scanner, now with a recently collected specimen. I think that this attempt came out better than the first – mainly because the specimen was free of dust and the antennae were better posed. Here is a 100% crop. Any comments?

  1. Nice result!
    I think it came out great. As you say, its a fresh (and young? the colours are great) specimen, though the dust and such doesnt really show on your earlier attempt. The posing is great, and the animal itself is quite magnificient. It looks incredibly sharp, could you post a 100% crop as you did in the other post?

    Best regards, Nicholas

  2. Mary Fetters said:

    where Can I find a verbal description of this moth and information on its habitant and other information.

  3. Kelly MacDonald said:

    I swear I have a photo of this ones twin! Beautiful creature or what! I also think the one I photographed has been living around my home all summer.

  4. Robin Toler said:

    I have gotten a picture of this moth. I would like to upload and share.

  5. Katharine Hawes said:

    Hello, my name is Katharine Hawes and I am a block printing artist. I was wondering if you would mind if I used this super awesome moth image for a block-cut designed stationary set I’d like to make? I can send you a finished product for free when its done! Let me know.


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