face to face with Elaphrus

This little, though long deceased beauty is Elaphrus ruscarius, a member of the family Carabidae. Species in this genus resemble cicindelids, though smaller in size and with ornate “pits” on the elytra rather than maculations.


Photo created with a Canon EOS 30D camera, MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x macro lens, and MR-14EX macro ring flash with a homemade diffuser. A series of images was captured and merged in CombineZM and adjusted in Photoshop.

To anyone actually reading this blog (what?!), sorry for the delay between posts lately

  1. Nick said:

    Hi, could you elaborate on your homemade diffuser? I have been playing a bit with some different ways of going about it, but always end up not being arsed and just using whatever natural light there is.

    No problem with the delay every now and again, we all get caught up in life sometimes. I enjoy reading your blog, and have it on a list of sites i check up once a day (at least… not to stress you ;-) ), so thank you for the work you put in it when you find the time!

    Best regards, Nicholas Bell

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