Mioptachys flavicauda

Anyone who has peeled bark in the search of many-legged quarry will probably be familiar with the diminutive (only 2-3 mm long) yet distinctive Mioptachys flavicauda. With elytra tipped with striking golden-yellow, antennae and legs a similar translucent golden hue, and head and thorax a deep glossy brown/black, resembles a bit of detritus, easily overlooked except when it is moving. Fortunately, M. flavicauda is seldom still, almost perpetually on the move when not safely under bark.

Mioptachys flavicauda

Photographing M. flavicauda is quite challenging – the best chance is when the beetle is on a light background with plenty of space to move and few crevices to escape into. This shot was taken a couple of days ago when the weather was near 50°F so I had a slight advantage due to the temperature.

More Information, Image, Bugguide page, Ground Beetles of Maine


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